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Release Date TBA
Platform(s) PC
Developer Heathen Engineering
Publisher NA
Genre Sandbox
Rating pending (ESRB)
pending (PEGI)
pending (CERO)
Official Site(s) Heathen Engineering
On Facebook

Heathen's Terran is the first title from Heathen Engineering and was formerly known by the name Project Fury during its early concept and development phases. The game is set in man's distant future when men are now called Tarren and rule the known galaxy as powerful beings capable of merging with technology and manipulating the physical space around them.

Game Systems

Terran is organized into a series of systems or subsystems as the dev team prefers to call them ... to them the game is 'the' system :)


Heathen Engineering is building Terran on the Unity 3D game engine and is expected to release on version 5 of the engine. Unity is by its nature a multi-platform engine popular with indie developers and finding increased popularity with commercial developers.

Target Platforms

Terran will launch initially on the PC, Mac and Linux platforms and is being built with console gameplay in mind as well by fully supporting gamepads and including pre-mapped input layouts for xBox and PlayStation style controllers.


Terran takes place in a single galaxy based on the Milkyway (our real life galaxy); the date is not explicitly stated but is far in the future in a time when man has evolved into Terran a hybrid race mixing organic and mechanical aspects which possesses innate control over their immediate physical space and the ability to merge with most any machine. In short you are young giant in a really big sandbox.

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