Technologies are learnable aspects of the game and provide the player several benefits such as resource bonuses, concentration bonuses and research bonuses. Technologies are in general dependent on other technologies forming a “skill tree” like structure and is the primary mechanism for character development in the game.

The player unlocks technologies by researching them. A player’s capacity to research is directly related to the resources and facilities available to them, many of which are prohibitively priced such that only empire building players can acquire them via research alone.

Note research is awarded as a mission reward by many missions. In addition, technologies can be awarded as mission rewards as well as such players uninterested in empire building can still manage to unlock the whole tree though the large scale technologies may take considerable effort without the support of a faction or company.

Technology BonusesEdit

  • Population

Improves population caps applied by foundations

  • Resource Use

Improves the consumption of resources in building and maintenance

  • Concentration

Improves the available concentration and concentration costs of ships

  • Research Rate

Improves the rate at which research is gained through structures

Technology UnlocksEdit

Technology unlocks are simply access or availability to items based on technological progress. A player can acquire and use items that are not unlocked. However, they will receive a general penalty to its use if they have not unlocked its corresponding tech unlock.

Technology TreeEdit

Coming Soon!

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