Fleets in the context of factions or companies represent a body of pilots and their ships; factions and large corporations may have multiple fleet groups which can be used to engage events automatically or can support the player as they engage events. Fleets in the context of battles represent a ‘team’ of ships which may be made up of multiple factions, companies, etc. e.g. a fleet is literally a ‘side’ of the battle and they take the following form

Fleet OrganizationEdit


Command Element = Division

Member Elements = Division

In the context of a mission, this is a collection of divisions which are allied in the current battle. In the context of a faction or company, this is a defined grouping of ships operating in a region of space.


Command Element = Flotilla

Member Elements = Flotilla

A collection of flotillas belonging to the same faction, company, gang, etc. as such they execute the same mission goals. Divisions can be defined at the organizational level; however, this is simply a matter of grouping.


Command Element = Wing

Member Elements = Wing or Skirmisher

A collection of wings and skirmishers executing the same tactical objectives.


Command Element = Pilot (a Ship)

Member Elements = 1 other Pilot

A wing only ever consists of 1 leader and 1 wingman though the wingman may itself be a leader of another wing allowing finger 4 formations and similar to be constructed. Note that wingman always support the leader first and foremost; when a wing member is lost the survivor will seek to form with a new wing with available pilot from the same flotilla if available.


Skirmishers are special case pilots (ships) on the mission such as mercenaries, hunters and so forth. Unlike standard elements they do not follow wing maneuvering rules and may be difficult to predict in large scale battles. Skirmishers typically have there own objectives such as key targets or target types but will support the flotilla they are part of.

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